Finding the root

find_root() get_root_desc()

Find the root of a directory hierarchy

find_root_file() find_rstudio_root_file() find_package_root_file() find_remake_root_file() find_testthat_root_file()

File paths relative to the root of a directory hierarchy


criteria is_rstudio_project is_r_package is_remake_project is_drake_project is_projectile_project is_git_root is_svn_root is_vcs_root is_testthat from_wd

Prespecified criteria

root_criterion() is_root_criterion() as_root_criterion() `|`(<root_criterion>) has_file() has_dir() has_file_pattern() has_basename()

Is a directory the project root?

Package documentation


rprojroot: Finding Files in Project Subdirectories